Book: Sachi Oyama Lyrics: Noelle Donfeld Music: Brian Leader


Can a Mouse Matcher make a mixed-up mouse who is mooning over a microbiologist  match up with her meek mouse brother who is mad about her?  A whimsical tale of interspecies misunderstanding and almost-missed romance.

If true love means sacrifice, then Susanna, a long-suffering laboratory mouse, has mastered love, even as she has mastered ignoring Brutus, the laundry room mouse who pines for her.   However, Yuri, the scientist who is the object of her affection, doesn’t speak “squeak”, and, regardless, he has lost his heart to Phoebe, the most patient waitress in the world.  Yuri and Phoebe have not yet mastered love, and when they become housebound in a snowstorm on a first date, the promising start of a simple spaghetti dinner turns into tumultuous mishaps and misunderstandings.

If true love prevails, can a mouse matchmaker get credit for humans, too?

Premiered at La Canada Theatre 2010.


YURI, a scientist devoted to research, his mouse and the waitress who pays attention to him

PHOEBE, a skeptical waitress longing for true love, who hates mice

CLEOPATRA, a mouse matchmaker who is looking for a mate for her brother Brutus

SUZANNA, a long-suffering mouse who mistakes guilt for love

BRUTUS, a simple mouse-guy who adores Suzanna