Corked! A Shipboard Musical

Book by Noelle Donfeld and Norman L. Berman, Lyrics by Noelle Donfeld, Music by Norman L. Berman




When it comes to love or lust, how far can rules be broken before someone can claim, “Me, too!” ?

Sally Da Rosa, regional rep for Dom Perignon, has joined other champagne representatives, their associates and buyers on the highly anticipated, yearly champagne cruise aboard the French ship, S.S. Bon Vin.  Hoping to catch the interest of her hunky neighbor, Larry, she has hired and brought him aboard. As the celebrations begin, the passengers are shocked to learn that a new champagne substitute, tampagne, selling for 99 cents a bottle, has taken over the world market by storm, eclipsing the sales champagne.  The mysterious exporter is the tiny island of Tampo Tampo.  As the sales of champagne plummet worldwide, Sally is stunned to learn that she has been downsized and her best friend on board has landed Larry, while she finds herself landed,  too,  by a legendary chef and letch who promises her a job on cable.  Is the S.S. Bon Vin the Love Boat or the next Titanic?  It’s a whole new world.  A love story…or two…or three.

A santé!

Setting: Aboard the Bon Vin  with minimal props and easy-change costume pieces

 Cast:  2 women and 3 men


MARC LE BLANC – Master Sommelier on the Bon Vin who adores France and champagne

SALLY  DA ROSA – 32 year old representative for Dom Perignon, who is eager for love, particularly with Larry

LAURA HARTLEY – 32 years old, Sally’s best friend since high school who has a wine column in minor newspapers and a blog

LARRY McDONALD – 30 years old, a sweet, handsome hunk, army vet, personal trainer hired by Sally as her assistant

PAUL ELIOT – Late 40ish, a four-times married chef with a top-rated cable cooking show and an insatiable appetite